Andy Primawan is a software and security engineer. Love to learn something new especially on software and security engineering for mobile app, web app and architecting system for cloud environment.

He has finished studies:

  1. Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2011-2015.
    Undergraduate level: Information System and Technology;
  2. Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2014-2016.
    Graduate level: Engineering and Management of Information Security.

He is on the way to pursue certification from these cloud vendor:

  1. Amazon Web Service,
  2. Microsoft Azure and
  3. Google Cloud Platform.

Tools in his belt:

  1. ReactJS for web app
  2. React Native for Android and iOS app
  3. Electron desktop app with ReactJS
  4. Javascript
  5. NodeJS
  6. Ruby on Rails
  7. Capistrano
  8. Amazon Web Service
  9. Microsoft Azure
  10. Google Cloud Platform
  11. AWS Lambda
  12. AWS DynamoDB
  13. AWS API Gateway
  14. AWS CodeStar
  15. Amazon S3
  16. AWS Cloudfront